Spinal cord injuries resulting from accidents are life-changing events for all victims and their families. Serious spinal cord injuries require a lifetime of therapy, medical treatment, and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, many people never fully recover from spinal cord injuries as the injury results in paralysis or quadriplegia.

Because of the extensive medical care required for victims of spinal cord injuries, astronomical medical costs accompany every spinal cord injury case. Securing the necessary financial resources to ensure appropriate care is an important legal step for victims of spinal cord injuries. Our specialist personal injury lawyers at MED Attorneys are experienced and skilled in representing clients with spinal cord injuries and have been successful in obtaining compensation for victims’ injuries and in obtaining reimbursement for the losses they have sustained and are likely to sustain in the future.

If you are facing a lifetime of expensive medical care for a spinal cord injury, it is extremely important that you are represented by an attorney who is experienced in assessing and recovering the damages and losses that are common in these cases. Calculating current, future, and potential damages, losses, and expenses in catastrophic cases, is a complex process. We work with disability planners and certified life care specialists to make certain that in any claim, the cost of ongoing attendant care, medication, supplies, rehabilitation, home modification and transportation are included.

A serious spinal cord injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident, a fall, as the result of an assault, due to medical malpractice, or from an accident with a defective product may require a lifetime of rehabilitation and medical treatment. MED Attorneys will make sure you have the resources to meet your needs.

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