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Mokoduo Erasmus Davidson (MED) Attorneys are compassionate but uncompromising specialist injury lawyers that represent only Plaintiffs. We have proudly built our practice on the belief that we can make a genuine difference in the lives of those who need our help.

We work closely with our clients throughout the litigation process to maximise and expedite each recovery. Each of our clients is assigned an attorney who is responsible for prosecuting the case and regularly communicating progress. At the same time, our attorneys work as a team, drawing upon their combined knowledge, training and skills to provide our clients with decades of litigation expertise.

View our client charter which explains our principles, our commitment to our clients and the way we will work with you to get the best possible result. This promise applies to anyone who contacts us for information or assistance including existing and potential clients.

“MED Attorney was the best choice I ever made. An attorney with a good heart, and who truly cares for his client’s best interests. Keep up the fantastic work.” - Gladstone



For decades, we have been fighting to obtain justice for those who have been treated unfairly. If you are facing an unfair situation, you and your family should not have to suffer alone. We never stand back when injustice is suffered because we believe you are worth fighting for.

Each year, thousands are injured in South Africa. Many of these accidents are caused by the carelessness, negligence or even the malicious intent of others. Often people don’t realise they are entitled to compensation or they feel that they do not have the resources to take on a powerful institution. We aim to change that.
We believe that all South Africans should have access to justice and we make sure that they do.


Medical Malpractice

When a medical practitioner who you have entrusted with your or your family’s health and safety deviates from the standards of that practitioner’s profession, the consequences are often devastating. If you or a loved one has been harmed or injured due to poor medical treatment or mistaken diagnosis, we can guarantee the specialist investigation and aggressive action required to obtain full compensation for your injuries.

Product Liability

MED Attorneys has directed its substantial resources towards taking on big business, international pharmaceutical corporations, public institutions, government and individuals to protect the rights of commuters, patients and consumers. If you have been harmed by a dangerous drug or medical device or other defective product, we will fight for you.

Motor Vehicle Accidents
(Road Accident Fund)

We operate as part of a network of emergency, medical and financial experts and investigators enabling us to thoroughly examine any accident, to identify all responsible parties and to ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries.

Premises Liability

MED Attorneys represents persons across South Africa who have been seriously injured due to dangerous conditions created in private and public places. Our lawyers work closely with victims and their families throughout the entire legal process. We help our clients to overcome the financial, employment and social challenges associated with injury in addition to seeing to their physical and mental recovery.

In July 2016 the MED team obtained an amount of R4 393 849-00 in respect of a minor child who sustained a brain injury and various soft tissue injuries and whose educational potential has been effected.




MED Attorneys has become one of South Africa’s most prolific law firms through its unwavering belief that the law should serve everyone. We are here to take your call and to give you advice, ensuring that you get the answers, respect and access to the assistance you need during difficult times.


We all need someone to protect our interests in times of hardship and suffering. The world isn’t always a fair place and our clients deserve to have someone stand up for their rights. We fight for you with uncompromising tenacity and we are here to help and guard you on the path to justice.


Our firm’s attorneys share a passion for the practice of law and are dedicated to being available to our clients at all times. By working closely with our clients and by doing so with compassion and integrity, we are always at your side to help give you peace of mind.


We possess the sophisticated legal skills, financial resources, investigative talent and administrative support to take on powerful international corporations, public and private institutions or individuals.


We take great pride in our innovative approach to the practice of law and our firm’s role in cases resulting in landmark decisions and precedent-setting rulings. We never give up and have successfully appealed cases to the Constitutional Court.


We believe that every South African should have access to justice, not just those who can afford it. That is why we have a flexible fee policy that recognises the varying circumstances of our clients including a no-win-no-fee arrangement. In all cases, we offer a free first consultation.