Many people are hurt or killed each year on South African roads and highways due to poor road quality and conditions. Common road conditions that contribute to car accidents:

  • Confusing, damaged or missing signs
  • Blind curves and poorly banked roads
  • Lack of traffic signals or poorly placed signals
  • Improperly graded curves and uneven shoulders
  • Poor landscaping and vision obstructions
  • Overly bright lights or lack of night-time lighting
  • Lack of appropriate road markings
  • Inappropriate road materials
  • Low bridges or incorrect overhead bridge markings
  • Broken guardrails

If you are in a car accident caused and you believe your accident was due to faulty roadway design, a defect in the road or because of poor maintenance, you must first report the accident to your own insurance company. Most liability policies cover property damage and injuries from accidents occurring on roads and highways, even when the accident involves only your car.

If you are convinced the accident was not your fault and that it resulted from dangerous roadway factors, you have the option to pursue a claim against the governmental department responsible for designing, building, or maintaining the road where the accident occurred.

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