Premises liability law covers a wide range of circumstances where you may have been injured, or where someone close to you has died, due to the negligent acts of a third party. If you have been hurt in a public place, such as a shopping centre, a park, or even on a footpath, through no fault of your own, then you may be able to make a public liability claim.

Public liability law means that an individual, business or organisation can be sued for negligent acts or omissions arising out of the condition of property under their control which result in the injury or death of a person or damage to their property. In general, to make a successful claim for negligence, you need to be able to prove that you were owed a ‘duty of care’, that the duty of care was breached, and that it could be predicted that this breach would lead to injury or damage.

Because premises liability is such a complicated area of law, it’s a good idea to find a lawyer who thoroughly understands its intricacies. MED Attorneys has been representing people making compensation claims for decades and we are committed to fighting for fair and equitable results for everybody.

The law covers a wide range of circumstances where you may have been injured, including:
Slips, trips or falls in supermarkets, other retail outlets or on public property
Dog attacks
Drowning and unsafe swimming facilities
Insufficient security often leading to physical assault
Staircase and elevator accidents
Construction related accidents
• Playground and schoolyard accidents
• Injuries sustained during sporting activities
• Plane, boat and water sport accidents
• Residential accidents

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