Elevators are encountered as a useful convenience in most buildings including malls, airports, apartment buildings, hospitals, department stores, and hotels. Elevator accidents occur despite the specific regulations governing elevator installation, the routine inspection and maintenance requirements, and the improvements made in elevators and their parts over the years.

Repair work and maintenance of premises is the sole responsibility of the owner of the premises and the owner should, as such, ensure that the premises are safe for its occupants and foreseeable visitors at all times. Elevator accidents are categorized as “premises liability cases,” which result from a property owners’ negligence, faulty equipment, poor maintenance and other unsafe conditions.

Unsafely designed or inadequately maintained or installed elevators could pose a potential harm to passengers when the elevator:

  • Falls or drops
  • Doors fail to open or they close on passengers
  • Stops between floors
  • Suddenly stops
  • Speeds up suddenly
  • Stops in an improper position, causing a step-up or step-down when entering or exiting

Three parties can potentially be held liable for elevator injuries:

  • The manufacturer, supplier or distributor of the elevator or its parts
  • The service company responsible for conducting safety inspections
  • The property owner or manager of the building where the elevator is located

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