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Every day, thousands of South Africans visit their health care providers, entrusting that the pharmaceutical products, either bought over the counter or through prescription, will assist them with their medical condition. In addition, many South Africans rely on medical devices to improve their quality of life.

Drug makers and medical device manufacturers constantly rush to introduce new products to address these patient needs. Too often, they neglect to test their products adequately before putting them on the market. Even worse, some manufacturers and marketers are aware of dangerous side effects, but hide their products' risks from consumers. This negligence can result in injuries that are costly for those who take the drugs or use the devices.

All medications may have side-effects to some degree but when the side effects become life-threatening and outweigh the benefits of the pharmaceutical drug or medical device, without the proper warning labels, a claim can be filed against the manufacturer, pharmacist or physician in order to obtain compensation for personal injuries sustained.

If you are concerned that the very medication or medical device on which you are relying for health benefits is causing or has caused you harm, talk to a Defective Drugs specialist today.


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