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When a motor vehicle rolls over, the roof can suddenly become the floor that holds the entire weight of the car. The automobile industry knows that vehicles can roll over and how to design the car body so that the pillars support the roof in the event of a vehicle rollover, preserving the occupant space and protecting the driver and passengers. A well-designed car roof should protect drivers and passengers rather than causing injuries by collapsing. However, an accident that might otherwise be relatively minor can become a life-changing catastrophe when a car part or system fails at the time of an accident.

Vehicle rollovers tend to happen on sharp curves that require a car to make sudden changes in direction. A driver may cause the automobile to move laterally at a high rate of speed, destabilizing the car and resulting in vehicle rollover.

Vehicles may also become destabilized as the result of mechanical failure or a defective auto part such as:

  • Tyre failure
  • Poor suspension system design
  • Defective brakes

The manufacturer of the vehicle may be held liable if it is proven that mechanical failure was the cause of the rollover or where, due to mechanical failure or defective design, passengers and drivers are inadequately protected during a rollover.

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