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Many variables determine what injuries may be suffered by the victim of an electrocution or electric shock. These variables include the type of current (AC or DC), the amount of current (determined by the voltage of the source and the resistance of the tissues involved), and the pathway the electricity takes through the body. Low voltage electricity does not normally cause significant injury to individuals. Exposure to high voltage electricity has the potential to result in serious damage and death.

Some common causes of electrocution may include:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Defective products
  • Improper warnings
  • Hazardous conditions

High voltage power lines are an additional source of danger in respect of electrocution. If a high voltage line has fallen to the ground, there may be a circle of current spreading out from the tip of the line.

If the manufacturer, importer or distributor of a product or the owner or manager of a premises is negligent in causing or contributing to an electrical injury, a claim for damages may result.

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