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Police officers perform a crucial role in society and, for the most part, perform it well. With that role comes a great responsibility to protect and serve the public. That responsibility is sometimes neglected and can result in serious distress, insult to dignity and reputation and injury. If you have been the victim of wrongful arrest or been injured by a police officer, you could be entitled to make a claim against the police.

At MED Attorneys, we have successfully pursued many cases for those who have been victim to mistreatment by the police or prosecution authorities, including wrongful arrests and prosecutions, or have suffered damages as a result of the dereliction of police officers' duty to protect and serve the public.

We know what to claim for, and how to deal with the police and police procedures. Successful claims for police misconduct often result in people receiving compensation from the police. If possible, our attorneys will also get the police to explain what happened, apologise, and confirm what lessons have been learnt.

You should note, however, that police powers are extensive, so you may not be automatically entitled to compensation, even if you were acquitted at court. Also, please be aware that strict time limits apply to actions against the police, so do not delay in contacting us.

With our experienced team of legal specialists, we will help you understand your options for seeking justice and compensation with sensitivity and understanding.

As well as fighting tirelessly for your best interests, we will provide you with support and reassurance and help you access the services you require to help you recover from your experience.

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