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We are all entitled to expect any qualified specialist we engage to provide a professional service, worthy of the price being charged and with the expertise with which they hold themselves out. On some occasions, however an expert may fall below the skill which should have been provided. If that has caused you damage or financial loss, you may be entitled to a remedy and the professional answerable for this. When things go wrong that shouldn't or clients are inappropriately or carelessly advised, then the consequences can be financially disastrous.

Professionals such as accountants, stockbrokers, financial advisers, lawyers and engineers, just to name a few, owe duties to their clients. Those duties are to exercise reasonable care founded in contract and delict. They are required to do what a reasonably competent practitioner would do having regard to the standards normally adopted in the particular profession. If the conduct falls short of the standard which the public has been led to expect and leads to loss, then this wrong can be actionable.

These claims are generally described as professional negligence but can be based in contract or in negligence and potentially also breaches of duty. At MED Attorneys, we handle disputes and advise you in relation to such matters and successfully pursue compensation for the losses suffered by you through professional negligence.

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